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How it works

Get pre-approved with
Billd for free

Enroll in less than 5 minutes and get access to 120-day terms with any material supplier.

Purchase materials with
120-day terms

Improve your cash flow by getting the materials you need today and pay for them over time.

Hire your workforce
with Workrise

Get the additional workforce you need to so you can deliver your projects on time and within budget.

Unlock 120-Day Terms with Any Supplier

Grow your business using flexible, 120-day supplier terms and improve your cash flow to take on larger, more profitable projects.
  • We pay your supplier, you pay us
  • Same-day approvals, same-day payments to your supplier
  • 120-day flexible terms, with any supplier
  • Increased purchasing power and higher credit limits through project-based underwriting

Hire the High-Quality Workforce You Need

Workrise understands your needs and matches you with the right workers for your unique jobs.
  • Identify the best candidates from our pool of 268k+ workers
  • Quick and easy onboarding for new workers
  • Easy rate management and job sheet approval
  • Create a pool of back-up candidates to ensure your project is always fully staffed

Benefits of using Billd and Workrise on your projects

How to get the most out of Billd and Workrise on your projects.
  • Use Billd’s 120-day terms to purchase materials, freeing up cash flow so you can take on larger projects
  • Use Workrise to help you staff your jobs with high-quality workers so you can deliver on larger projects
  • Using both Billd and Workrise allows you to take on bigger, better projects, increase cash flow and hire the high-quality workers you need to continue to grow your business