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90% of construction firms struggle to find skilled workers. It’s only getting worse, and raising wages isn’t the solution. If we want to continue business as usual, we have to change the way we recruit, train, and retain employees.

Our meet up on October 12th is your chance to learn and share workforce development tactics with contractors like you.

We’ll hear from the only business owner we know that has ZERO labor challenges, then break out into rooms for Q&A with your peers and our expert panel.

Hear subs like you ask, discuss, and answer questions like:

  • What are you selling to future employees other than a higher salary?
  • Where are you finding your best new workers?
  • How do you approach training new and younger employees?

Presentation from Luke Payne

The business owner who receives 10-15 messages per week asking if he’s hiring!

Luke Payne

Owner of Black Iron Dirt and Construction

  • Built and trained a team of trusted, dependable, hardworking 20 year olds
  • Uses social media to build an employer brand that stands out from other firms
  • Meets with young construction workers across the country to talk about workforce development

This meet up is sponsored by:

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Discussion and Q&A hosted by subs with decades of experience hiring and training employees

Andee Hidalgo

Owner of Spearhead Construction

  • 10 years hiring and training employees

Ernie Adams

Branch Manager of 1 Priority Environmental Services

  • 17 years hiring and training employees

Sarah Sagredo-Hammond

Owner and President of Atlas Electrical, AC, and Plumbing

  • 14 years hiring and training employees

What Subs are Saying About the Contractor Meet Up Series

Join a community of 130+ contractors like you across the U.S.

“I had a great time listening to the different ways other contractors find success. I look forward to the next chat.”

This is the real thing. No one is pretending to be someone they’re not. We’re all facing challenges. And this is a great way to learn new things and get new ideas.”

“It's nice to hear from others in different industries dealing with the same issues that we are.”