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Turner is teaming up with Billd to get you paid faster

Reduce cash flow risk with predictable payments

Accurately forecast and plan for cash needs.

Free up working capital to grow your business

Turn over cash faster to support your growing project pipeline.

Strengthen vendor relationships

Support your supplier partners' cash flow by making prompt payments.

How it works

Get paid before the owner pays Turner


Enroll with a Billd representative


Submit your Turner pay app on Textura


Get paid by the third of the following month

* Minus a fixed purchase fee

Join over 900 subcontractors getting paid early on Turner projects

Fast payment without any hoops to jump through

Opt out at any time

You’re not locked in – opt out any time online via Textura.

One easy deposit

The fixed fee is automatically deducted at time of payment, that’s it. No surprise additional charges.

Predictable payments

Accelerated Pay isn’t just early, it’s early on a fixed schedule. Always get paid by the 3rd.


Travis Mayor is your dedicated Billd representative on all Turner projects

Travis provides free financial consultations on deploying Turner’s Accelerated Pay Program

Travis has worked alongside subcontractors for over a decade. He serves on the board of the Austin chapter of the American Subcontractor’s Association and is involved nationally with the Associated General Contractors of America. As a Director at Billd, he has partnered with hundreds of subcontractors on strengthening cash flow and strategically managing working capital.

m: (512) 201-2168 / e:


Turner knows that subcontractors are their greatest asset and that their performance hinges on the financial wellbeing of their partners. That’s why they’re partnering with Billd.
Billd is the largest subcontractor-specific financing company in the US. We build financial solutions to champion subcontractors.
The fee matrix has been generated by our funding partners and is based on Turner’s payment terms with the owner. There is a set fee per project. This fee is set at the start of the project and is visible when you accept your invitation to the online payment application system.
Turner is absorbing the late payment risk, so there is no impact on the trade partners’ payment release schedule.
Lien waivers and releases will still be required prior to payment just as they are today. Early payment will not be made if there is a failure to fulfill all such conditions precedent by the time the client approves the invoice (you will receive a non-accelerated payment per the normal contract terms and the accelerated payment program fee will not be charged).

Once the release of retention has been approved by the client, then the retention payments will be processed through the Turner Accelerated Payment Program in the same way as any other invoice. The Turner Accelerated Payment Program will not accelerate retention payments ahead of client approval.