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How it works

Enroll with Billd
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Enroll in less than 5 minutes and get access to 120-day terms with any material supplier, to free up cash flow and grow your business.

Purchase materials with Billd's 120-day terms

We pay your supplier, you pay us when you're paid, or up to 120-days.

Request your
$5,000 rebate

Construction Xchange members will receive a $5,000 rebate on the first $100,000 of materials purchased.

Unlock 120-Day Terms with Any Supplier

Grow your business using flexible, 120-day supplier terms and improve your cash flow to take on larger, more profitable projects.
  • We pay your supplier, you pay us
  • Same-day approvals, same-day payments to your supplier
  • 120-day flexible terms, with any supplier
  • Increased purchasing power and higher credit limits through project-based underwriting

Efficient Online Materials Purchasing

Quickly procure and purchase materials from multiple distributors with an innovative web-based application.
  • Win more business with better, more accessible data
  • Lower costs through pricing consistency and predictability
  • Integrate with your ERP
  • Get out of spreadsheets and email and into a web-based application with API-based workflows

Requirements to qualify for the $5,000 rebate

  • Must be a Construction Xchange member
  • Must purchase at least $100,000 of construction materials using Billd’s 120-day terms
  • Offer must be redeemed within 6 months of enrolling