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Billd Products

Free your business from the broken repayment chain

Material Financing

Never come out of pocket to pay for materials

We buy materials from your supplier upfront. You pay us when you're paid. It's that simple.

pay app advance

Get paid on your

Unlock the money you've already earned. Get paid on your pay app today.
Exclusions apply.

What can you accomplish with complete financial control?

Increase material discounts

Billd customers negotiate up to 11% supplier discounts using their ability to buy materials upfront in cash.

Execute with certainty

Billd customers gain stable, predictable AR, so they can focus on what matters – project outcomes and relationships.

Invest in your business

Billd customers can take on more and larger projects or reinvest their freed up capital back into their business.

How to get started with Billd’s project-based line of credit


Enroll for free in less than 3 minutes

A Billd representative will reach out within a day to get you set up.


Create your strategy for complete financial control

Our team will work with you to identify opportunities to put your working capital to work.


Start using your project-based lines of credit

Increase profitability, revenue, and sleep per night with Billd in your backpocket.