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How it works

Get pre-approved with
Billd for free

Enroll in less than 5 minutes and get access to 120-day terms with any material supplier.

Purchase materials with
120-day terms

Improve your cash flow by getting the materials you need today and pay for them over time.

Take on more solar projects with Sunstone

Grow faster with Billd in your back pocket and by helping your SMB customers secure financing.

Unlock 120-Day Terms with Any Supplier

Grow your business using flexible, 120-day supplier terms and improve your cash flow to take on larger, more profitable projects.
  • We pay your supplier, you pay us
  • Same-day approvals, same-day payments to your supplier
  • 120-day flexible terms, with any supplier
  • Increased purchasing power and higher credit limits through project-based underwriting

Democratizing Access to Solar for Businesses

Sunstone provides financing to your customer, you get paid at project completion.
  • Customized, efficient process for small and medium sized business borrowers
  • Loans from $50,000 to $5M
  • 5 to 20 year terms
  • Quick, simple application process with no personal guarantees required

Benefits of using Billd and Sunstone on your projects

  • Use Billd’s 120-day terms to purchase materials, freeing up cash flow so you can take on larger projects
  • Use Sunstone to help your SMB clients go solar with easy, flexible commercial and solar-specific financing
  • Using both Billd and Sunstone allows you to take on bigger, better projects, increase cash flow and win the projects you want by helping your customers get flexible financing options