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Featuring subcontractors, general contractors, and suppliers

For the first time, three representatives of the industry’s biggest stakeholders confront the issues that make construction so challenging but also rewarding.

Kick Off Series: Today and Tomorrow for Money, Materials, and Labor

Episode One

Money: Breaking Down the Broken Repayment Chain

Supplier terms roll uphill. Payment terms roll downhill. Subs get caught in the middle. We break down the broken repayment chain and ask why these three work in construction even though most projects are good for at least one gut punch.

There’s always that clash in the middle. I think It’s a big inhibitor of growth for these subs. They’re always going to be looking for ways to make the process more efficient and get more cash.

Episode Two

Materials: Combatting Increasing Material Lead Times

Supply chain issues and long material lead times represent risk for the entire industry. Yet the subject matter experts who understand lead times (contractors and suppliers) are pulled into projects at the last possible moment. We asked our General Contractor why and broke down alternative paths to keeping projects on schedule despite long lead times.

There’s sometimes a fear of a lack of competitiveness. If you bring a supplier in early, you won’t get a competitive price. With the challenges now, that’s not true. It’s about value.

Episode Three

Labor: Selling the Next Generation on Construction

Construction professionals are aging out. Across the board, we need to sell the next generation on the opportunities that construction can offer. Our roundtable exchanged notes on pitching construction to fresh talent and identified opportunities for industry-wide growth.

For plumbers and pipefitters right now, we’re looking at an average age of 55 to 57. There’s an older generation that is nearing retirement and there’s not enough young people coming in to fill those positions.

Meet the Roundtable

Russ Briscoe

VP of Sales, Billd

General Contractor

Jason Beiter

Vice President, JE Dunn

General Contractor

Mike Irwin

President, SI Mechanical


Ryan McLagan

Executive Vice President at Texas AirSystems


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