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Battle-tested playbooks from unbiased risk management experts

Construction is a risk management business. And as the last party to see the contract, you are at a disadvantage from the jump. So we tapped experts to help.

Drew Boyd

Owner / Jefferson Maxey Consulting
Helps subcontractors gain fair contractual indemnity.

From Drew's clients:
“As a subcontractor, it is critical to have advisors who understand the risks inherent in our industry and the fine print of contracts and insurance. Drew saved us $60,000 and made many important improvements to our coverage. We are thrilled with the results.”

Maegan Spivey

Contracts Manager / DocumentCrunch
Helps subcontractors negotiate risk out of imbalanced contracts.

From Maegan's clients:
“I have worked with Maegan for the past couple of years. She is a sharp analytical thinker who finds the best answers to legal matters. For every contract, Maegan helped identify contractual clauses that conflict with the company’s best interests so that we can bring the right questions to our clients.”

Do you want to better understand and strengthen your subcontracts?

At this event, we’ll share hidden contracts and insurance secrets. Plus easy-to-implement wins that protect your interests.

Part 1

Proven strategies from risk management professionals

Drew and Maegan will share hidden contracts and insurance secrets. Plus easy-to-implement wins that protect your interests.

Part 2

Exchange ideas with other subcontracting executives

After the presentation, we break into interactive rooms full of subcontracting execs who have been where you want to go.

Part 3

Take home tools that will help you execute

After the event, we’ll share tactics, templates, and cheat sheets to jumpstart your risk management improvements.

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What subcontracting executives are saying about the Meetup series

This is the real thing. No one is pretending to be someone they’re not. We’re all facing challenges. And this is a great way to learn new things and get new ideas.

Another great Meetup! The presenter was extremely helpful and informative and the break out with Andee Hidalgo was great as well. I look forward to the recap and spreadsheets to share with my team in an effort to create more business! Thanks again!

I really appreciated the forum you set up, I found it very informative. Thanks again and please let us know if/when Billd plans on setting up more of these Meetups.

Ready to learn proven strategies for protecting your business?