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Pay App Advance for GCPay

The early pay program built for commercial subcontractors


Jadon Farris is your dedicated customer service representative

Jadon can discuss your exact pricing, credit limit, and any questions you have.

Jadon leads Billd’s partner support team. His role is to connect GCPay subcontractors to Billd’s early pay solutions. 

m: (512) 270-4808 / e:

Why Early Pay

Pay App Advance for GCPay provides a 40 day cash acceleration


Invest in and grow your business

Free up working capital to put towards your goals


Simplify your cash flow and plan with confidence

Take control of unpredictable payment timelines


Manage payments with less stress

Unlock your money to pay your vendors, crews, and overhead

Program Overview

Get paid the day your pay app is approved

What Subs are saying

Cut down receivables time and protect your cash flow
This program has helped to tremendously cut down on receivables time. This has allowed us to pay our bills on time and manage overhead costs with less stress. We’ve eliminated cash flow issues that would otherwise keep us from taking on bigger jobs.
Sara Garcia
Controller / DB Utility Contractors