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Material Financing

We pay your supplier upfront, in cash. You pay us. It’s that simple.

Billd is the working capital solution built for commercial contractors.

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Our financial solutions work best for contracting companies:

Over $2M in annual revenue

Looking to grow

With commercial projects

Designed for the unique needs of construction companies

Cover your biggest expenses

Meet the immediate needs of your business

Control your
cash flow

Bring predictability to your accounts receivables

more capital

Your credit limits flex with the needs of your business

Plan with

Bid more jobs knowing your future financial position

Hear about Material Financing from the people using it

Billd works with your favorite material suppliers

Using Billd is easy

The Billd portal makes submitting your material purchases simple.

Work with your representative to set up your account. 

Enter your project details and upload your supplier quote.

Materials are delivered directly to your job site. 

Enjoy pay-when-paid terms up to 120 days.