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Designed for the unique needs of construction companies

Cover your biggest expenses

Meet the immediate needs of your business

Control your
cash flow

Bring predictability to your accounts receivables

more capital

Your credit limits flex with the needs of your business

Plan with

Bid more jobs knowing your future financial position

Used by subcontractors on projects across the country

Value of Projects Using Billd
$ billion

Projects run by America's biggest GCs

Hear about Material Financing from the people using it

Our partnership with Billd has proved very beneficial and promising for our cashflow needs. This team understands the unique and difficult place which subcontractors fall on the construction food chain. Billd also implements the needed security in order to make the financing process safe and clear. To top it all off, we have had nothing but pleasant, helpful interactions with the team!
Lukas Montgomery

Management and Accounting | Miller Paneling Specialties

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