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How it works

Enroll with Billd

One of our construction finance experts will guide you through enrollment and the options you've unlocked.

Get paid now and pay back later

Billd sends money directly to your account. You’ll make manageable weekly payments, then pay back the advance when you get paid.

Take on more projects and grow

Grow faster with Billd in your back pocket and manage your new projects on the eSUB platform.

Money when you need it on terms built for subs

Billd gets more working capital into the hands of subcontractors on terms that make sense, so you can run your business the way you want to.
  • Meet the immediate needs of your business
  • Bring predictability to your accounts receivables
  • Tap into credit limits that flex with the needs of your business
  • Take on more jobs knowing you have a secure financial position

Take the Guesswork out of Your Projects

eSUB is the #1 project management tool built specifically for subcontractors.
  • All your field data in one place
  • Field reporting, advanced tracking and document control
  • Trusted by 100s of trade contractors
  • Daily reports, RFIs, change orders, submittals, purchase orders and pay applications all on the mobile app

Benefits of using Billd and eSUB on your projects

  • Use Billd’s up to 120-day terms to purchase materials and get advances on PayApps, freeing up cash flow so you can take on larger projects
  • Use eSUB to take the guesswork out of your projects so you can stay protected and competitive
  • Using both Billd and eSUB allows you to take on bigger, better projects, increase your cash flow and grow your productivity and profitability so you can scale