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How it works

Get pre-approved with
Billd for free

One of our construction finance experts will guide you through enrollment and the options you've unlocked.

Get same-day access to Billd's finance solutions

GCs will make you wait, we won't. Advanced approval ensures you get what you need when you need it.

Bid for your biggest year yet

Optimize profitability and execute every project you win by taking control of your cash flow.

Unlock up to 120-day terms on materials and pay apps

Grow your business using flexible, 120-day terms and improve your cash flow to take on larger, more profitable projects.

  • Never come out of pocket to cover labor or materials – pay us when you get paid
  • Get started on your next project faster with same-day approvals and advances
  • Fund multiple projects at once and build every project you win with flexible credit limits
  • Enroll online or over the phone in as little as 24 hours with pre-approval

Win better projects in less time with Bid Center

Get in front of the right GCs and bid bigger, better projects in less time with tools built for you. 

  • Find, bid and win more work
  • Work faster and smarter by organizing your project leads and bid invites in one place
  • Powered by a large contractor network and current project data
  • Supercharge your bid board with project leads and digital takeoffs

Benefits of using Billd and ConstructConnect

  • Use Billd's up to 120-day terms to get an advance on PayApps or purchase materials
  • Use ConstructConnect's Bid Center to find and win better projects
  • Using both Billd and ConstructConnect allows you to take on bigger, better projects, and win the projects you want by taking control of your cash flow