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Get expert advice on protecting relationships and revenue during change order negotiation

Andee Hidalgo, Owner of the 2021 Minority and Veteran Owned Subcontracting Firm of the year, will lead our panel of negotiation experts in a discussion.

Ross Feinberg Esq.

Mediator, JAMS

  • Construction mediator with over 2,000 successful cases over 33 years

Shane Ray Martin

Negotiation Consultant

  • Negotiation expert with certifications from Yale and Harvard

Tauofik Lachheb

Partner, Lsquare Consulting

  • Complex construction dispute expert specializing in delays and losses of productivity

The path to getting paid is sharpening your negotiation skills

That’s why we’re bringing together construction dispute and negotiation experts and subcontractors from across the US for an interactive workshop on gaining fast, fair payouts on change orders.

You’ll walk away with new strategies for salvaging time, money, and relationships when a change order throws a wrench in your project and bottom line.

Take advantage of new perspectives, ideas, and examples on key change order topics

  • Creating leverage when you’ve done the work and your customer is holding your money
  • Positioning yourself as a sub who isn’t nickel and diming your customer
  • Getting the paperwork you need to bill change orders, faster

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Surround yourself with industry leaders

Discussion and Q&A led by subs like you who have been there before

Andee Hidalgo

Owner of Spearhead Construction

  • 2021 Minority and Veteran Owned Business of the Year

Donny Metcalf

Senior Project Manager and Estimator, Lochridge Priest

  • Instructor and writer at Electrician U with 30 years of construction experience

Kyle Follett

VP of Finance and Administration at SPARR

  • Executive experience at all levels of construction – sub, GC, developer

Ernie Adams

EVP at Southwest Construction

  • Grew Southwest Construction from 5 to 55 million dollars per year

Make your network your competitive advantage

Join a community of 300+ contractors like you across the U.S.

I really appreciated the forum you set up, I found it very informative. Thanks again and please let us know if/when Billd plans on setting up more of these meetups.

Another great meetup! The presenter was extremely helpful and informative and the break out with Andee Hidalgo was great as well. I look forward to the recap and spreadsheets to share with my team in an effort to create more business! Thanks again!

This is the real thing. No one is pretending to be someone they’re not. We’re all facing challenges. And this is a great way to learn new things and get new ideas.