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Where commercial subcontracting executives come together and get the resource to build businesses

Running a subcontracting business is fucking hard. But you don’t have to do it alone. The Builder’s Boardroom is for people like you who want to sharpen their skills and make better decisions that best serve employees and customers.

Get expert advice on what matters most

When it comes to subcontracting, the only people qualified to give you advice are people who have been there before. We connect with industry leaders and bring them to you.

Winning more bids

Clay Young

  • Wins 55.5% of bids with his bid less, win more framework

Strengthening contracts

James Carney

  • Award-winning construction attorney

Negotiating better deals

Shane Martin

  • Negotiation expert with certifications from Yale and Harvard

Accelerating closeouts

Ernie Adams

  • Grew Southwest Construction from $5M to $55M in revenue

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Access toolkits designed to help you achieve key business outcomes like winning more bids, strengthening contracts, and negotiating better deals.

Private Events

Join private events with 50-100 other veteran subcontractors to learn from an expert and exchange tips with your peers.


Ask questions and share wins with our community of 100+ experienced subcontractors and consultants across the US.


Get the best resource of the week, vetted by and for subs, direct to your inbox on Fridays.

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Join a community of 300+ contractors like you across the U.S.

Another great meetup! The presenter was extremely helpful and informative and the break out with Andee Hidalgo was great as well. I look forward to the recap and spreadsheets to share with my team in an effort to create more business! Thanks again!

I really appreciated the forum you set up, I found it very informative. Thanks again and please let us know if/when Billd plans on setting up more of these meetups.

This is the real thing. No one is pretending to be someone they’re not. We’re all facing challenges. And this is a great way to learn new things and get new ideas.

Want to improve their skills so that they can make better decisions and deliver on promises to customers.

The Builder’s Boardroom is a community designed to help you get where you want to go faster.