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Finally, business on your terms

Increase profit margins

You’ll have the best pre-negotiated material prices. That means more profit hits your bottom line.

Secure materials quicker

Use the Buying Group’s collective leverage to get the materials you want, when you need them. And enjoy it all with 120-day terms to pay it back.

You enjoy all the savings

Billd is the one and only champion of the subcontractor. There is no cost to you joining this exclusive Buying Group.
Krannich Solar is prepared to support installation partners through all phases of their project. With an ever-growing market share, Krannich Solar, an owner-managed and self-financed PV distribution company, ranks among the leading global photovoltaic wholesalers. Krannich Solar has steadily expanded into 23 countries with a combined 25 offices due to its customer-centered model, extremely quick turn-around times, and industry-best pricing and availability on the best products in the PV industry.
Tackling one of the biggest pain points in the construction industry, Billd offers commercial subcontractors financing terms that finally align with their payment cycles. Supply chain finance has long been broken in construction, leaving contractors footing the bill for materials and labor far before they’re paid for their work. With a flagship product that offers 120-day terms on material purchases, subcontractors can now improve their cash flow to take on larger projects, finish projects faster, and grow their business.