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On December 7th, we’re tapping into the expertise of contracting executives across the country to create a live event that will provide the blueprint for winning more work.

We’ll hear how Kentech Managing Partner, Clay Young, wins 55.5% of his bids. Then we’ll break into small groups for Q&A with your peers and our expert panel.

Exchange proven bidding strategies with innovative subs like you

Take advantage of new perspectives, ideas, and examples on key bidding topics:
  • How to get involved with projects before they hit bid boards
  • How to win more of the right projects using competitive and project performance analysis
  • How to add value and build relationships with GCs on any project

Bid less, win more

Presentation from Clay Young

Clay Young

Managing Partner, Kentech

  • 55.5% win rate on bids
  • Uses a “VIP” approach with select GCs
  • Conducts win factor and project performance analysis to constantly improve bidding strategy

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Surround yourself with industry leaders

Discussion and Q&A led by subs like you who have been there before

Andee Hidalgo

Owner of Spearhead Construction

  • 2021 Minority and Veteran Owned Business of the Year

Ernie Adams

Branch Manager of 1 Priority Environmental Services

  • Led estimating team from 5 million to 55 million in revenue

Donny Metcalf

Senior Estimator and Project Manager at Lochridge-Priest

  • Sees what other estimators miss from 30 years experience on-site

Sarah Sagredo-Hammond

Owner and President of Atlas Electrical, AC, and Plumbing

  • Took over business during 2008 and transformed sales strategy

Kyle Follett

VP of Finance and Administration at SPARR

  • Executive experience at all levels of construction – developer, GC, contractor

Make your network your competitive advantage

Join a community of 170+ contractors like you across the U.S.

“I had a great time listening to the different ways other contractors find success. I look forward to the next chat.”

This is the real thing. No one is pretending to be someone they’re not. We’re all facing challenges. And this is a great way to learn new things and get new ideas.”

“It's nice to hear from others in different industries dealing with the same issues that we are.”