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Together we're bringing material financing with terms up to 120 days to Amex merchant supplier customers so they can:


Pay when they're paid

Pay-when-paid terms makes it possible to align payments with AR.


Improve cash flow

Predictable cash flow let's businesses maximize their working capital deployment strategy.


Earn rebates

It pays to buy with Amex merchant suppliers with rebates up to .5% with every Billd purchase.

For a limited time: Amex merchant supplier customers who use Billd enjoy 0% fees on their first purchase!*

In order to bring this groundbreaking offer to as many participating customers as possible, Billd is trialing 120-day terms at no cost.

*Up to $25,000 in material cost with select American Express Merchant Suppliers

Billd and Amex make it easy

Amex merchant supplier customers use Billd's Material Financing on their material purchase.

Contractors get pay-when-paid terms up to 120 days.

Billd pays for materials with American Express.

Merchant supplier receives payment at time of purchase.

Materials are shipped directly to the jobsite.

Contractors pay when
they’re paid.

Make small, fixed
weekly payments.

Contractors invoice
their GC.

Contractors, take the challenging payment cycle in construction head on

Fill out the form above to meet with a Billd representative. We'll walk you through the offer and get you enrolled with Billd so you can submit your material purchases.

“Without Billd, there are several projects that would have been a financial burden to our company, but with Billd, we have a partner that understands the construction industry like no other financing company I have come in contact with.”

Ashleigh Hernandez | President & CEO, Van Linda Iron Works

Material suppliers can also reap the rewards

Offering extended terms with Billd simplifies and streamlines any material purchase. Find out how you can join the American Express Supplier Merchant Program and start getting more material to your customers on terms that work for them.

Fill out the inquiry form above for more information.

“Our growth is on it’s way up with having Billd. It’s another payment method to be able to serve our customers.”

Josh Tinaglia | Solar Program Manager, Soligent Distribution


Billd and Amex recognize that the financial and working capital burden of the construction industry falls squarely on the subcontractor. Their collaboration aims to help address the challenging payment cycle by offering Billd?s proven material financing solution to more subcontractors via the Amex Merchant Supplier network. By reducing their?working capital constraints, subcontractors have the flexibility to focus instead on doing great work? on time? on budget, taking on larger projects, winning more bids with confidence, and building towards their long-term growth plans.
Subcontractors are forced to pay for labor and materials up front which strains their working capital and limits their options for growth. According to a 2023 Industry report, they wait an average of 74 days before being repaid. Consequently, the financial and working capital burden of the construction industry falls squarely on the subcontractor. Material Financing relieves their cash flow burden by extending pay-when-paid terms up to 120 days, allowing subcontractors to align their payment and recievables timeline.

This program is being offered exclusively through American Express Merchant Suppliers. At launch, Billd’s offering will be available via 10 supplier partners. Connect with a Billd representative for more information.

Customers that use Billd can earn up to .5% rebates on all material purchases. Connect with a Billd representative for more information.