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Get paid on your terms

Receive an advance on your pay app the same day it’s approved. Pay it back when you get paid. It’s that simple.

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Contact with GC in pay period

Designed for the unique needs of construction companies

Cover your biggest expenses

Meet the immediate needs of your business

Control your
cash flow

Bring predictability to your accounts receivables

more capital

Your credit limits flex with the needs of your business

Plan with

Bid more jobs knowing your future financial position

Hear about Pay App Advance from the people using it

“Pay App Advance has helped to tremendously cut down on receivables time. This has allowed us to pay our bills on time and manage overhead costs with less stress. Pay App Advance has eliminated some cash flow issues that would otherwise keep us from taking on bigger jobs.”

Sarah Garcia
 | DB Utility Contractors, Controller

Pay App Advance
Traditional Invoice Financing
Advances up to 100% of the total pay app
less a purchase fee
Advances 70-95% of the total pay app
No wire or transfer fees
$15-$25 Wire and transfer fees
Serviced through the subcontractor
(subcontractor pays Billd)
Serviced through the GC, taking the subcontractor out of the payment chain (GC pays financing company)
No contact with GC during pay period
Ongoing contact with GC throughout the pay period
Payments and approval as quickly as same-day
Average of 3.4 days to approval
Use on a pay app-to-pay app basis
Must be used for every pay application on a project

Unlock the money you've already earned

Get the freedom to control your business with Pay App Advance, an early pay product built exclusively for the needs of commercial subcontractors.

Create, Finalize, and Collaborate

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